Don't take our word for it, here are some testimonials.


“Your presentation at GMA was the highlight of the seminar. It contained a serious message, conveyed your dedication to customer satisfaction and did it with great humor.”  

Vick L. Smyth, Borden, Inc.

“Don Gallegos hits the nail right on the head in Win the Customer, Not The Argument. It's chuck-full of great customer service stories and ideas. As Don says, ‘Customer service is not hard stuff, it's just common sense."  

Stew Leonard, Sr., founder, Stew Leonard’s Supermarkets

“I found you very thought provoking. Just plain enjoyable and fun. A rare combination. You do have a gift!”
Sandra Robnett, President/CEO, Syntek Resource Corporation

“You were absolutely fabulous as a speaker at our conference. In fact, you received the highest rating of any speaker we had. Your presentation was powerful, funny, and so thought-provoking. In fact, I have become much more conscious of customer service, both good and bad, since listening to you and reading your book.”  

Barbara McConnell, President, Food Industry Association Executives

“Your talk and your ideas were the highlights of the day!”
Timothy P. Smucker, President, CEO, The J.M. Smucker Company

“I have heard a lot of motivational speakers over the past twenty years, but I can safely say that your presentation was simply the best.”  


“Many of your examples left us with ideas on how we can improve service to our customers. Your inspirational words conveyed a message that we would all like to live by.”
Nancy M. Heil, Mayor, Westminster, CO

“Your presentation was super, the subject right on the spot, and the delivery most enjoyable.”
Charlie Bechtel, VP, Campbell Sales Company

“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding talk you gave to our staff last week. It was very motivating to me and also very enjoyable.”  

Mary English, Colorado Rockies baseball team

“The time you spent speaking to our group always goes by much too quickly. All I hear about for days and days (are) the things you said and the way you said them.”
Jeff Goldfogel, CEO, The American Warehouseman’s Association

“I have known Don for nearly 30 years. His insight into thinking about our customers is the best perspective I have seen. His book gives us all a glimpse of what is takes to really put our customers first.”
Dave Dillon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kroger Co.

“Don, you helped make this conference a big success. What you talked about can be applied to any business.”  

Bill Deckman, Chairman, Sooper Credit Union

“Your passion for customer service really was evident and you got everyone in the room excited. What a great way to kick off the meeting.”  

Patricia L. Shinko, Director, Educational Conferences, Food Marketing Institute

“Your presentation received comments such as: “Awesome,” “Wow,” “Great Job,” “Great Speaker” and “Fantastic.” My favorite comment is "This is what makes us different than our competitor and the cost is minimal.”  

Cheryl Lytle, WGA Events Director

“This book is a must read for every business that wants to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Most companies preach the customer always comes first but practice something else. Don Gallegos shares his common sense philosophies and entertaining experiences in a way that is sure to change the way you view your commitment to your customer.”  

Tim Bellanti, President, Associated Wholesale Grocers

“Don Gallegos tells great stories about creating loyal customers, but that's not all. He also talks about how to create satisfied employees. You'll find it full of great stories about customers and employees.”
Feargal Quinn, Senator from Ireland and former CEO, Superquinn Supermarkets, Ireland

“Don's book is Right On! It is all about the Customer and all about our Associates! We develop initiatives and programs that take away or measure things that our customers and associates don't really need or care about. In some cases it even hurts our perception. If you truly follow and believe in Don's customer and associates' principles of success , you will win big-time in the short and long term! It works!”
Jon Flora, President, Fry’s Food Stores

“Don Gallegos was a pioneer in customer service. This book will explain why Don was so successful and exactly why customers responded to his personalized style of attention.”
Joe Blake, Former President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

“I had the privilege of hearing your presentation a little over a year ago at the Wisconsin Grocers Innovation Expo and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yours is a powerful message that all need to hear.”
Brad Brooks, Affiliated Foods Midwest

“Don's presentation was absolutely eloquent, practical, filled with fact and humor. LOVE the stories. His presentation prompted attention and questions from the audience. Don Gallegos is the best.”
Priscilla Bohl, Program Coordinator Business Services, Jefferson County Workforce Center

“You could tell from the applause and the buzzing in the room that you touched a nerve.”
C. W. McCullum, VP, Nabisco Brands

“Congratulations on a splendid presentation at the GMA West Coast Marketing Seminar. I heard nothing but fine comments from those in attendance.”
William Teague, President, Abilene Christian University